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mio - magic mirror
mio - magic mirror

Introducing Mio

An Engaging and Interactive Mirror Solution for Fashion Retail

Increase sales and improve the shopping experience by combining the best of online shopping with all the benefits of the physical retail store environment.

Mio Fitting Room Mirror

Request Items directly from the fitting room!

Customers or Sales Associates simply scan clothing items into the mirror (via barcode or RFID) - allowing shoppers to:

  • View Product Information
  • Request new sizes and colours directly from the fitting room (no more getting dressed to go and find a new size)
  • Complete their look through product recommendations
  • Purchase items directly from the mirror

Mio Sales Floor Mirror

Search and be Inspired!

Bring store catalogs, marketing messages and runway looks directly to the sales floor - allowing shoppers to:

  • Browse collections and view a product breakdown of Inspirational looks
  • Find what they’re looking for easily by filtering categories
  • Request items to be brought directly to the fitting room or cash
  • Complete their purchase from the mirror and avoid long queues

Employee Notifications

Take the sales experience to the next level
  • Receive requests directly from the fitting room
  • Understand Client preferences for upsell

Data Collection & Analytics

Collect customer and employee data that was never available until now!

Data is analysed to facilitate decision making based on actionable insights.

  • Understand your customers
  • Collect user activity data
  • View Customer feedback
  • Understand your products
  • View most popular items and sizes
  • Optimize employee resources
  • View performance data


Works seamlessly with a variety of platforms
  • Microsoft
  • Oracle
  • SAP

Commersive Solutions

We specialize in the integration of point-of-sale design and smart, purposeful technology to create custom in-store experiences that are designed for discovery

  • The discovery of brand and products through new and exciting interactions
  • The discovery of customer insights through data collection and analytics

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